Dariusz Kaca
   was born in Kutno/Poland in 1960. He has been working as a lecturer (dr hab.) in the Studio of Woodcut Techniques at the Department of Graphics and Painting at the Strzeminski’s Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland). He studied at the High School of Fine Arts in Lodz in 1983-1989 and received his diploma in the Studio of Editorial Graphics and in the Studio of Woodcut Techniques.
   He pursues artistic and design graphics, artistic book and painting. In artistic graphics he is well known for his mono- and multi-plate color prints. Kaca’s works are concerned with responsibility of form and the visual shape of the wide range of contents; although it may seem to be a paradox, this creation is open in its contents and various interpretations, and, at the same time, closed in form, as it is logical and calculated in details. The themes for his works come from wide areas of religion, mythology, astronomy, cosmography and cosmology. In 2004 he trained in Japan as artist-in-residence of Tsuna-town where he learnt traditional, watercolor printmaking.
He has had 25 individual shows and has taken part in more than 200 collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad so far. He has been awarded a few international distinctions and prizes in graphics and artistic books competitions and has his works in various private and publics collections in Poland, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Belgium, Romania, Indonesia, Hungary and USA.
Prizes and distinctions (selection)
Works in collection: and many private collections in Poland and abroad.